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BREAKING: Armed man attacks California Police Station – Look what happened next!

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A man armed with a baseball bat went to a California police station making threats and striking the windows of the station with the weapon repeatedly. reports:

A new video released by California police shows a man getting tackled by an officer after he repeatedly struck the police department windows with an aluminum baseball bat.

The incident occurred Monday morning outside the West Covina P.D., where 28-year-old Christopher Rivas was allegedly threatening bystanders and officers while hitting the lobby windows with the bat.

In a statement, police said three women in the lobby immediately ran to a secure area of the lobby. With Rivas standing in the entryway of the building and about to enter, a non-uniformed officer ran in from behind.

The officer took down the suspect with a well-executed football tackle. The suspect was taken into custody by officers inside the lobby and treated for minor injuries.

WCPD arrests suspect threatening bystanders and officers at th…

West Covina PD arrests suspect threatening bystanders and officers with a baseball bat at the police station.At about 10:18 am this morning (Monday, February 27, 2017), a man carrying a baseball bat walked up to the front lobby of the West Covina Police Department and began striking the large glass windows. Seated inside the lobby by the windows were three women who immediately ran and entered a secured area of the lobby. As officers responded from within the police station, the suspect walked up to the entry way repeatedly swinging and striking the glass entry doors threatening to enter. A West Covina PD officer who had been outside saw what was happening and ran up to the suspect, tackling him to the ground. Other officers then assisted in taking him into custody. The suspect suffered minor injuries from the fall and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.None of the women were injured. The outer glass of the police department did not break from the impact strikes made by the suspect.Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Resisting Arrest was Christopher Rivas, 28 of West Covina. The suspect was cited and released to the custody of the LA County Medical Center for treatment and evaluation.Video of the incident is being released to show the suspect’s threatening actions prior to being taken into custody.^rl

Posted by West Covina Police Department on Monday, February 27, 2017

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