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BREAKING: Major Nevada Democrat Just Became A Republican

Donald Trump is such a great President that Democrats are starting to switch sides, just like he predicted during the campaign.On Saturday, Nevada state Senator Mark Fitzgibbons of Holloway shocked supporters when he told them on Facebook that he “just couldn’t be a Democrat anymore.”“President Trump is easily the most

BREAKING: Democrats Just Got Catastrophic News

The Democrats considered their governor victories in Virginia and New Jersey as something they deserve to tout around. Blinded by their small success, they are unaware that they’ve lost a major struggle.A struggle between powers is occurring, centered around President Trump’s judicial appointments. The Left was convinced they would be

Woman Just Claimed She Was Being Bribed To Accuse Roy Moore

A Twitter user by the name of Doug Lewis is claiming a family friend told his wife she was offered $1000 by the Washington Post to accuse Roy Moore.This shocking claim has yet to be verified.

BREAKING: Obama Made MILLIONS On Cuba Fiasco

Everyone knew it was a bad idea to cozy up to Cuba, but Barack Obama seemed oddly determined to become best friends with the small Communist country.As always if you want to know why you only need to follow the dollar signs, and Obama sure made a lot of them