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Missanabie, Ontario - A man from Michigan is in a critical condition after suffering a savage attack from a large moose, while hunting in Canada. Jeremy Larsen was hunting with his brother and his nephew near Dog Lake, in Ontario, when he accidentally spilled an entire jar of moose urine on himself. He

SHOCKING! Dog Barks at Mailman so Mailman Rapes the Dog [VIDEO]

CROOKSTON, Minn. — A northern Minnesota letter carrier faces felony charges after prosecutors say he broke into a customer’s garage and engaged in a sexual act with a dog.According to, a Polk County man noticed the mailman was spending a long time in his garage to drop off a package.When the

WATCH Muslim Refugee get SLAMMED on Video after Assaulting Police

During a police search of a criminal suspect at a public place of business, things got just a little out of hand.Everything was going well until the cops started to search the suspect's vehicle. That’s when it happened. You ain’t searching my car” the suspect informed the officer while advancing in

Muslim Tries To Hijack Plane YESTERDAY- Patriotic Retired Cop Saves The Day!

Nope. Not a SINGLE word about this from the mainstream media. But, of course, if they were to report on this, it would completely shatter their narrative, now wouldn’t it?From the video’s YouTube channel description:Passenger who screamed ‘Muslims will take over Britain’ is tackled and handcuffed by former counter-terror chief

HAHAHA! What Do You Call a Basement Full of Liberals? [Click for Answer]

This is the best joke about liberals I’ve seen in a long time. It’s short, to the point, and so hilariously accurate!The liberal joke went viral after the insane, politically correct, anti-Trump protest disguised as a “March for Science.” A social justice feminist warrior went ballistic when the word “female” was