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Democratic Senator Joe Manchin Breaks With Liberals, Backs President Trump

Uh-oh, the left is now losing some very stern following on their latest attack on America. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said Monday during a Facebook Live that he thinks NFL owners shouldn’t tolerate players who kneel for the national anthem according to The Daily Caller.

This is bad news for the left. When Democratic Senator Joe Manchin parts ways with your latest attack on America, you’re going to lose.

Manchin talked about his point of view during the online town hall that he was always raised to stand for the anthem and since as he has aged, he has had to “realize the sacrifices that were made” for him by American soldiers he decided it was his “patriotic duty” to always stand.

“This is something that the owners have to address,” Manchin said. “The owners of these football teams that have these contracts with these players, and the conditions these players are going to be playing under, has to step in and say, ‘I’m not gonna tolerate it.’”

This is what we should be seeing across the board from any Democrat that wants to win in 2018 and 2020. Why aren’t we seeing this from the left? Oh yeah, because they have no understanding of real-world America.

“They can make that deal happen,” Manchin affirmed. “The only thing you and I can do right now is turn off the TV if you don’t want to watch.”

“I think everyone should stand and show respect for the flag that represents the greatest country on Earth, that’s shed more blood, lost more lives for the freedom that you and I enjoy,” he concluded.

Do you think that the reality will ever set in for the left? They lost in 2016 and they’re going to keep losing. That is all good news for us.

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  1. Senator Manchin thank you for standing up for what you and the rest of us believe to be proper displays of patriotism and respect for the honor bestowed upon us by all our heroes both Military and Law Enforcement. God Bless!

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