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BREAKING: Four HUGE Liberal News Pages Are Run By Russian Trolls

The liberal fake news isn’t just one-sided and dishonest, it is also quite possibly completely dominated by Russian trolls. According to a source inside the propaganda office at the White House, four favorites of liberals are either run by trolls or the scumbags running them are being paid by Russian trolls.

Occupy Democrat, which is run by two Guatemalan refugees pretending to care about trees and global warming, is nothing more than a sounding board of lies directly from Moscow. Whether or not the trolls are part of the Russian government remains to be seen.

Two other pages, Opposing Report And Groupspeek, are the work of two nefarious douchenozzles whose only concern in life is screwing people so they can get rich. It’s only natural they’d choose to dupe the stupid libs. Rumor has it they’re actually Palestinians posing as American Jews. One thing is for sure: they’ve never printed a single true story.

The last and worst is Addictive Info, run by a notorious little Russian twat who spends his days pretending he matters. He enjoys straight brimmed hats and looking foolish in public. His page is filled with the vitriol and lies one would expect from a misinformation division of the Russian government.

Facebook has announced that it is looking into the pages and will most likely remove them from circulation:

“We can’t just have people running around on our platform making stuff up.”

Amen to that.