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UPDATE: Girl Arrested In Drug Bust Was Malia Obama’s Roommate

While some sources are reporting that Malia Obama was arrested when her dorm room was raided by Cambridge Police, those reports are in fact false. While it might be fun to assume that someone from the Obama family will finally face justice, the girl arrested was actually 18-year-old Marcia Ellsworth — Obama’s roommate.

According to a spokeswoman from Harvard, Ellsworth was involved in “large-scale cocaine and marijuana distribution” across the campus. Police seized more than two pounds of marijuana and multiple “8-balls” of cocaine.

Ellsworth, who is out on bond, faces up to six years in prison and, if found guilty, expulsion from the university.

Malia Obama sure knows how to pick her friends. Over the summer, she was recorded at a music festival so drunk that she could not walk during an outing with her friends.

On top of that, she has been caught smoking drugs on multiple occasions, including just the other night at a house party when she was spotted “making out” with multiple unidentified men.

Malia’s roommate, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same protections as the royal Malia, so it’s likely that she’s going to do some time for this — unless, of course, the ACLU steps in and says she was arrested because she is black.

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