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Katie Couric Speaks Out On Canceling Clinton Interview: ‘It Was Over When She Called Obama a N*GGER’

Katie Couric has come out publicly and corroborated the story of a fired sound tech who clearly heard Hillary Clinton use the “N” word and refused to remain quiet. Couric, who was in a conversation with Clinton during a commercial, was the only other witness to the hot mic gaffe.

After being casually asked how she was doing since the election, Clinton made reference to “that f*cking orange baboon” and referred to Barack Obama as “that n*gger Obama.” Couric was so offended she refused to continue.

ORIGINAL STORY: Hillary Clinton Caught On Hot Mic Trash Talking ‘That N****r Obama’

Clinton was asked to leave but on the way out her goons stopped at the sound booth and confiscated all footage, both audio and video, from lead engineer Chuck Halstead. Halstead said his sound guy, Myron Beetlethong, heard the entire conversation and recorded it but that only Katie herself could corroborate.

She did so this morning. Now Clinton will get to explain to the tens of millions of people who think she’s some champion for good how she could be so casually vulgar and racist.

Couric says Clinton won’t be welcome back at CBS anytime soon and that she’s sorry she voted for her. That’s a sentiment you hear a lot these days. Couric will speak about the incident on her show this Sunday at 10 AM.

47 thoughts on “Katie Couric Speaks Out On Canceling Clinton Interview: ‘It Was Over When She Called Obama a N*GGER’

    1. She’s always been that way, I watched her from the first time the GOP fired her, for lying and ethics, during the White Water Scandal and then a later she again was fired, from the GOP for fraud and ethics, during the Water Gate Scandal. Hillary left the GOP on her own and under sociable circumstances, about the same way she just didn’t renew her law license, when it was stripped for ethics ! Well given the opportunity to resign and not renew.
      She was a real piece of work and has been all her life !

      1. You and those who take lying to an extreme, happen to be one of the worst human beings on the net. You in no way watched Hillary being fired for anything, let alone for ethics. She did not have her law license taken away and she wasn’t even fired from the Nixon Impeachment as was posted by thousands of people.

        And you are not alone. Take a look at all of these insecure morons who blast her, when they have literally zero evidence of any of the dumb ass things they are accusing her of.

        People like you and many others who spread gossip and lies about our leaders are the real threat to our way of life. You are the last thing America needs and quit frankly you do not make a pimple on the ass of most of those you badmouth.

        1. And if Couric would have said this, don;t you think it would be all over the net in the video, since she was supposed to say it on her show?
          The sorry thing is all of those who have children. They deserve far better.

        2. Hey, Jack … I suppose you were there during Bill Clinton’s days as Arkansas governor to prove everything wrong about all the accusations brought against them … am I right?

          *** crickets ***

        3. In neither of his books does Zeifman say he fired Clinton. But in 2008, a reporter named Dan Calabrese wrote an article that claimed that “when the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation.” The article quoted Zeifman as saying: “She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”…

          In 1999, nine years before the Calabrese interview, Zeifman told the Scripps-Howard news agency: “If I had the power to fire her, I would have fired her.” In a 2008 interview on “The Neal Boortz Show,” Zeifman was asked directly whether he fired her. His answer: “Well, let me put it this way. I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were — we no longer needed, and advised her that I would not — could not recommend her for any further positions.”
          And then there’s this:

          Zeifman’s specific beef with Clinton is rather obscure. It mostly concerns his dislike of a brief that she wrote under Doar’s direction to advance a position advocated by Rodino — which would have denied Nixon the right to counsel as the committee investigated whether to recommend impeachment.

  1. Hillary’s true colors are finally coming out – ha! Knew that a long time ago about her and the leftist racists/troublemakers!

    1. EXACTLY my question Gary L. They might have ended up with it BUT it would have been after the “BRAWL” !!! F*^K hrc and her “goons” !!!

  2. Well, well, well ……. her natural democrat side comes out after all. We all knew it was there, but she kept trying to hide it. Hillary is a huge racist and always has been. She is quite a disgusting piece of work. And ALL this democratic left wing commotion over THIS racist hag losing the election? Seriously?

    1. I know, right? That despicable old hag should have been in prison years ago. To think how close we got to having her as our President. Thank God for President Trump!

  3. The Truth will eventually bubble to the top of the Swamp. Can you imagine what else there is to discover? She is a mean and Hateful Person.

    1. Not only that she is a murderess that makes Lizzie Borden out to be Girl Scout leader. 60+ witnesses and would-be public whistleblowers to the corrupt Clinton machine were found mysteriously dead.

  4. I guess when people are dealing with the Pants Suit Mafia it is best to speak carefully. Given the situation with Comey I can see why Ms. Couric was careful to box this one away.

  5. Clinton isn’t truthful but calls the media dishonest. She showed her true colors to the right person. Glad it’s out!

    1. There have been many times when people have heard her filthy, accusing , inflammatory , vulgar remarks. The only reason this one is here is because Katie heard it with her own ears. as did her news crew .. and she is a liberal. Hillary Clinton is a pig, a racist low life pig of a woman and always has been.



  8. OMG, why didn’t anyone believe the Clinton’s are racist? They always have been, I remember Hillary Clinton calling blacks as “Super Predators” and commented “blacks needed to be brought to heel!”

  9. Now that several thousands have heard how truly racist old Hillary is…hope no one buys her lousy book full of lies…..She should be condemned and investigated for Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and the deleted e-mails that were subpoenaed by Congress and destroyed devises in order to cover her tracks….and her fake foundation that bilked several millions from foreign countries and complete liberal idiots…..Now we know that she is a died- in- the- wool….RACIST DELUXE!!!! of course we Deplorables have knows this for years and it took one Katie Curic to expose that big legged, wrinkled old hag for what she really is….a hypocrite and a bald-faced liar.

  10. Bet there will be a tragic suicide by two gunshots to the back of her head by Sunday. Lots of pieple that cross the Clintons or state they have something on them tend to commit suicide soon after.

  11. Ut Oh: It looks like the left is getting ready to eat their young. This is just too funny for words. The nerve of her saying that about Obama after he was nice enough to fly her around on our plane, at our expense, to campaign against Donald Trump. This has made me lose my faith in humanity.

  12. I’m not shocked, because I realized so long ago what a terrible person she and her husband are…but I’m disgusted. I wish this could have came out a long time go, but I guess it’s better late than never. I wish the crazy Librals would realize she wasn’t good for our Country and that the best option won. He’s not perfect but he does TRULY care about America and believes in It’s future!!!

  13. God knew what He was doing when HE rigged the election. He knew the REAL Hillary but the snowflakes didn’t. Trump and Pence are not helping all, we the people, by themselves as they know they have God and honest Americans on their side.

  14. She calls Conservatives Deplorable. She is one of the most despicable Deplorable excuses for a human being out there. We dodged a big bullet. Thank God for President Trump! I wish the Left would quit being obstructionist’s. If the Republican’s and Democrats would just try to get along and work together things would be alot BETTER. I myself, hate all this violence and evil that is trying to take over!

  15. The witch finally shows her true colors & how she along with democrats feel about people of color! To think this insecure mouthy person came as close as she did to the WH is scary! If another white person had said this there would hell to pay! But since it’s a Clinton no one will say a word will they?

  16. Did Couric actually speak about this on her show? I’m finding very little information on this. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the main news outlets bury it, but I’d like to at least see an article somewhere that quotes Katie before I take it as gospel and discuss it with my more liberal friends…did anyone watch the show?

  17. No mention where or who, just when Couric’s corroboration occurred? Come on people. This story’s as bad as the last.

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