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EXCLUSIVE: Mike Pence Will Retire For ‘Personal Reasons’

The Daily Post Feed (DPF) network has learned from verified sources inside both the White House and the Office of the President of the Senate that Vice-President Mike Pence will leave public life “for personal reasons not related to politics.” His retirement, which will come in the form of a letter of resignation, will be formally announced Tuesday morning.

DPF correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe speaking on the record with White House OIP Director Art Trubolls reports:

“Vice-President Pence is in good health and scandal-free. His departure from public life will no doubt cause a bit of a ruckus in the world of politics but it is not a political move.

The Pence’s have asked for privacy with their decision and have vowed to remain vocal advocates of the President and his policies.”

*Editor’s note: Publishing this story before it is released to the public on Tuesday was an editorial decision. We understand the implications and apologize to Mr. Trubolls. We are NOT the mainstream media.

Vice-President Pence will be missed, but we are definitely looking forward to whomever President Trump appoints to replace him. Our money is on Trey Gowdy, but we wouldn’t rule out a celebrity like Sean Hannity, either.

Exciting times are ahead.

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  1. I’m elated to see America responding to the sports with demanding refunds. This will mean millions of $ draining from the players/owners. Now, empty the seats of all the stadiums and watch movies instead of games.

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