EXCLUSIVE: Mike Pence Will Retire For ‘Personal Reasons’

The Daily Post Feed (DPF) network has learned from verified sources inside both the White House and the Office of the President of the Senate that Vice-President Mike Pence will leave public life “for personal reasons not related to politics.” His retirement, which will come in the form of a

Krauthammer Calls For The Arrest Of Barack Obama

Charles Krauthammer is one of the most respected conservative political commentators and thinkers. Check out what he said concerning the Iranian ransom situation!He said in relation to the $400 million payment we made to Iran for releasing prisoners: “They had to print the money here, ship it over to Switzerland,

BREAKING: DOJ Officially Labels Antifa A Terrorist Group

It’s been a long time coming, but the fascists calling themselves an anti-fascist movement are finally labeled what they are by the Department of Justice: a hate group.Recently, the Antifa terrorists have been storming free speech rallies to fight against…free speech. To date, 163 innocent people have been attacked, beaten,

BREAKING: Michelle Obama SUED For Fraud

As it appears, Michelle Obama loves spending hard-earned tax dollars on lavish flights.Michelle, we all know about your trips to Spain and Africa. There are Americans who can’t afford a decent meal for their families! Yet we have this hypocrite flying around, having undeserved vacations.That’s why Judicial Watch decided to initiate a lawsuit