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BREAKING: Texas Mosque Refuses To Help Refugees: ‘Allah Forbids Helping Infidels’

The Ramashan Mosque outside of Houston is one of the few buildings in the area that has not been hard by flooding, but if you think that means the people currently barricaded inside will be helping their neighbors you have another thing coming.

The building can easily hold over 500 people, much more than the 27 currently inside. But the Imam of the mosque, Aswat Turads, says that they absolutely cannot accept any non-Muslim people because it’s against their religion.

“The Quran is very clear,” Turads told local news radio station WXTX, “we are forbidden from helping infidels, no matter how much we want to. If we allow Christians and Jews inside, we are violating a fundamental tenant of Islam and will be punished by Allah.

Turads says that the mosque has donated more than $500 to relief efforts despite their “inability” to provide shelter for those who need it the most.

This is inexcusable. No matter what your religion, you should be willing to help your community. Christian churches all over Texas are doing their parts to help. Why can’t Muslims do the same?

9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Texas Mosque Refuses To Help Refugees: ‘Allah Forbids Helping Infidels’

  1. Why do I get the feeling that the fake news media will not report on this at all like they did over Joel Osteen not opening his 17000 seat church to flood victims.

  2. They are showing us how they believe and how they will act. We know what else the Quran says. They are here for a reason. We need to be scared,

  3. Why cant muslims do the same you ask!!!!
    You neex to research the musliums…
    See they are no where close to being civilized humans, with feelings and emotions!!!!!!! As we are!!!!!
    Research it for yourself…. you are in a different realm if you are muslium!!!!!… they are barbaric in nature!!!

    More than likely no one in Texas would want their help anyway… if a human walked in that mosque they might not walk out.
    They need to all go back to the sand so they can practice cutting the heads off of their own kind !!!
    Obummer let them in this country… and the reasons for that was …. when Clinton won the presidency she would carry out Soros and OBUMMERS evil plan for this country!!!!! It was to turn this country to Islam!!!!!
    Thats the reasons for the fema camps and fema box trains… to house all that will not assept Islam… thats the reason fot the thousands and thousands of disposable caskets that ware stored in Georgia!!!!!
    Thats the reason for the many many walmart buildings that were closed down and completely gutted, thats the reason for the massive underground tunnels that go for miles and miles.
    GEORGE SOROS is a evil demon… he is using the same tactics as Hitler did with the jews… In an interview with chris wallace, Soros told the tactics he used to stop getting gased himself. He said…the key to controll is always thinking and planning ahead!!!
    Elected president Trump has put road blocks in their way…do you really think the libs are this outraged over a poor excuse as Trump being RACIST??… think again… they had and still have a much darker and deeper agenda!!!! Think and research do your homework… you will be a wiser person!!!!! I know it sounds over the top and crazy… once you research you will see!!!!

  4. they come to our country for our freedom, yet still call us infidels, and blatantly refuse to join our community. why do we allow them here? it used to be people had to WANT to be here, to WANT to make america better, to WANT to be an american. now we let anyone in so longs they aren’t going to contribute to the nation.

  5. In America when a crisis occurred regardless of your religion your doors should have open up! My question to u why in the hell are we helping your country? Hell moved bk to your country and fight your country. Your religion do not dictate two American citizens in crisis that your doors are closed!,

  6. More proof that Allah is a son of a bitch and will be spending eternity in Hell with that prick Muhammad.

    Allah is a demon moon god.

  7. Guys like this, their organization, funding and disciples should be watched by the government. They are probably the ones who will pump out terrorists. They aren’t fundamentally the most dangerous ones. It’s the Mullahs who know how to evade the light, who take the liminal concessions day-to-day from the infidel, who keep their head down and their women pregnant which pose the real long-term menace.

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